10 Photos of Melania Trump From Her Modeling Days

By | December 8, 2021
Photo credit: CKM

From Cosmopolitan

Melania Trump, a woman so glamorous that she eats diamonds for breakfast (at least, that’s what the photo in a new GQ profile suggests), will be the first lady of the United States if Republican front-runner Donald Trump is elected president. Though Trump would be a traditional first lady in many respects, as a former model and Slovenian immigrant, she also breaks the mold by being the first first lady to have appeared nude in a magazine.

This is a fact that has made some of Donald Trump’s critics uncomfortable. She was targeted by a slut-shaming ad by an anti-Trump super PAC recently, which passed around photos her nude British GQ photo shoot as a reason people shouldn’t vote her husband into office. Gross.

Melania Trump has every reason to be proud of her modeling work – here are 10 sizzling shots from the peak of her modeling days:

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