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Well Defined UFO Caught On Camera Over Inner City (video)

I can’t explain this at all and the reason why I’ve decided to do a post on something I can’t explain is literally because of the genuine real feeling I get from it. The whole video is short but it’s very intriguing as the cameraman actually zooms in and zoom out. The camera adjusts the… Read More »

Archaeologists Unearth 5,000 Year Old Grave Of Giants In China

In 2016, During an excavation of a late Neolithic settlement in Jiaojia – a village in China’s Shandong province, the remains of an unusually tall group of people were found who lived about 5,000 years ago. Given that the human race was never taller than it is today, these ancient “giants” were undoubtedly the harbingers… Read More »

Akhenaten: Was He An Alien Pharaoh Of Ancient Egypt?

Akhenaten was, without a doubt, one of the most enigmatic and mysterious Pharaohs to rule over the lands of ancient Egypt. He was one of the most controversial and influential Pharaohs of Egypt and is considered one of the world’s most revolutionary religious innovators. He ruled over the land of the Pharaohs in the Eighteenth… Read More »

Rocks On The Moon Moving By Themselves Avoiding Craters

This isn’t the usual bizarre Moon anomalies that we’re all used to like Lunar UFOs or Aliens watching the astronautsfrom the edges of craters. There’s actual rocks on the surface of the Moon (if that’s what they really are) I say that because these so-called rock’s are definitely steering away from craters leaving what can… Read More »